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In the NeuroEmotional world, there’s a concept called top-down emotional processing. This is the way our brains are naturally supposed to work. Imagine three floors from top to bottom: executive, emotional, survival. And a very simple way to think about it is the executive brain takes care of all cognitive functioning, the emotional brain is here to simply process emotion, and lastly the survival brain is here for one thing and one thing only, to keep us alive and away from danger.

We’re meant to operate in executive brain when doing executive brain tasks which is pretty self explanatory, drop into the emotional brain when we need to process emotion, and only drop into survival when we’re actually in danger of dying. But in our modern day life, it no longer works like that. Because of { insert all the ways society functions in a way that does not serve our true nature } and so most of our brains aren’t operating as they should.

We now operate, by default, in a brain that has been wired to process from the bottom up. Our brains have decided that the world is so dangerous, that we should rather live in survival and do as much brain work as possible from there, because trying to process emotion is not safe and we simply don’t have the time for that. (Come on, big boys don’t cry! I’ll give you something to cry about! Because I’m your mother, that’s why! Go stand in the corner and come back when you’ve got a smile on your dial! Jees, calm down! Why are you going so overboard? Stop living in the past! Etc… the list is long.)

And interestingly, these brain states do not allow elevation without going through the levels. So if you’re down in survival, and you’re wanting to get up to executive, but you’ve got emotion that requires processing, and processing emotion is not deemed safe, well… then you’re going to be swimming upstream. And those executive tasks are going to feel exhausting. Because no matter how many healing modalities you try, if you can’t elevate out of survival, then you have no basic brain chemistry on your side. And that’s hard. Like, fucking hard. Because when you’re in survival, you’ve only got four choices; to fight, flight (leave / run away), freeze (do nothing) or appease (please others to the detriment of yourself). And none of these operate from a place of logic – because – one job and one job only: keep this human alive.

And so what lands up happening is that we’re trying to solve problems from a place where we are simply blind to solutions, because our nervous systems are putting all their energy into simply trying to keep us from dying. That exhaustion – makes sense! We’re holding ourselves back without even knowing it.

How NeuroEmotional Coaching works with your brain chemistry to rewire your brain

NeuroEmotional Coaching is a modality that works with your brain chemistry to help rewire your brain, and help it get better at feeling all your feelings. The sadness, the joy, the anger, the ecstasy, the grief, the resentment, the pleasure, the happiness, the shame, the loneliness. All of it. It’s a modality that helps you feel safe in your body again and helps signal to your brain that there actually isn’t a lion coming to eat you and that you don’t have to prepare for death and operate from there, just because you’re having a feeling. What it does, is allow you to take a pause and look at it, from a safe and embodied space. It allows you to learn more about that feeling and safely explore it and to signal to your brain that by doing this, you are creating more flow and less resistance, and slowly your brain will start to kinda enjoy that feeling. It’s gonna start to crave a little more one-on-one time with you, and it will start to become something that you just do, naturally, because that is how it’s meant to be.

Your true nature, is to be able to feel all your feelings, with complete safety. That really is it. When all feelings are allowed, then your emotional brain can do the work it’s meant to do, and you can easily flow in and out of brain states in a way that serves you.

Executive brain? Easy to access. Because all brain states are allowed. This is not a modality where I give you solutions to your ‘problems’. This is a modality that helps you take radical responsibility for your life and your happiness. It helps you learn how to relax and become friends with your own brain and body, so that productivity and satisfaction in all areas of your life, goes up. It really is revolutionary and I thank my lucky stars that I crossed paths with Natalie and Nathan, the founders of Center for Emotional Education. They are the trailblazers of this work, and as of June 2023, I’m proud to say that I’m a qualified NeuroEmotional Coach! 🤗 I’ve been deep diving into this work with them since 2020 and I can’t wait to finally be able to share it with others.

But first, BIG disclaimer:

This work is not for everyone. We will be going on a journey together, diving deep, and it will feel uncomfortable to begin. But I can promise you that there is something magical that happens when you find the courage to go there and bring those scary feelings into the light. This is transformational work that literally rewires your brain and helps you understand your ‘triggers’ with more compassion and a way forward. So if you’re ready for deep work and big realisations, then, I am so looking forward to working with you.

NeuroEmotional Coaching completely transformed my life and helped me to feel safe enough in my own body so that I could find the courage to achieve things in my life that I never dreamed I’d be able to. And trust me, when it comes to therapies, I’ve tried them all. All of them were useful in their own way, but nothing has come close to the clarity, understanding and tools I’ve received from working with my own NeuroEmotional Coach.

My favourite part about this modality, is that it’s setup in a way, that you get to learn the tools too. There’s no gatekeeping here. Over time, our sessions will start to feel more like conversations with a friend. It will all come naturally to you. And that’s when you know… that your brain is ready to continue doing this work alone. In fact it won’t feel like work anymore, it will just feel like supporting yourself, in a really natural and loving way. But of course, I’ll always be here for you if you need me.

If this sounds like something you might be keen to explore further, please book a complimentary introductory call, where we can meet online, you can ask questions, and we can decide if we’re the right fit for one another.

Neuroscience now reveals that the subconscious mind (which is an information processor, one million times more powerful than the conscious mind) runs our behaviour from 95-99% of the time.

– Dr Bruce Lipton

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