About me

Who am I? (Good question!)

Before I was blessed with my beautiful son Leo in 2014, I was a freelance web designer creating magical things with inspired entrepreneurs. The plan was to continue doing that because I loved it, but very soon after Mr Leo arrived, I realized the struggle… was real.

Trying to juggle my work from home web designer life and being a new Mom sent me into a dark place and the only thing that saved my sanity was a stretchy wrap (literally a stretchy piece of fabric) that a friend had given me as a gift. Such a simple tool, but this discovery of ‘babywearing’ changed my life in a day and the cogs in my brain couldn’t help but turn. I needed to share this and make it accessible for more new Moms and so the journey began.

Ubuntu Baba is what I spend most of my time on these days and I can now see why I had to go through all that I went through in life and business before I got to this. ‘Failures’ now seem like stepping stones and useful experiences that got me to here. I still have a whole life of learning ahead of me and I’m excited for all the possibilities!

If there is anything in particular you’d like me to write about, pop me an email and I’ll do my best to help!

Much love,