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NeuroEmotional Coaching for Mothers

Learn how to become a source of resilience and support for yourself and your children during deeply challenging times.

The journey into motherhood is one unlike any other. And in the world we live in today, Mothers are struggling. We envision the lives we know we have the potential to create, but somehow we constantly find ourselves stuck and exhausted, with little capacity to cope with life’s daily challenges.

But we push on, because it seems as if there is just never any time to even think about what the alternative could look like. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. That you deserve to feel fully alive, with full capacity and resilience to not only cope, but thrive.

How will working with a NeuroEmotional Coach benefit me as a Mother and what would our sessions together look like?

As your NeuroEmotional coach I will hold the space for you to unpack it all. I will listen deeply. I will not judge any of your words. You’ll have full permission to do some healthy complaining and storytelling. I will be so curious about all the details that help me understand your story better and I will empathise with you for your situation. Because you deserve that, no matter what.

Then, I will guide you through a process, working with your brain chemistry, and together we’ll dive deeper into your experiences and help you gain clarity where you need it most. Not only will you get to explore your own inner world in a safe and supported way, learning more about yourself and the challenges you’re facing as you go, you’ll also learn strategies to help you cope better in your outer world, and learn the basics of NeuroEmotional brain science in the process.

NeuroEmotional coaching is an all round solution to enhancing your personal growth journey. Everyone can benefit from this type of coaching. The benefits are two-fold, in a sense that you’re doing it to help yourself, but the ripple effect is that you’ll start to engage with your family, your children and the world around you from a more neuro-emotionally informed space. It’s powerful, sustainable, life changing work.

Feedback from some of the lovely people I've worked with:

“I definitely feel I have a deeper understanding of myself, and am meeting myself with much more compassion and patience, which in turn enables me to meet others in the same way. I really liked the way in which Shannon reflected back my process and emotions to me... by placing them in the different brain states, but also just the way that she really listened when I shared and could show me how my emotions related back to my emotional history. I feel it's incredibly relatable and easy enough to really integrate into one's life. I'm really seeing how the more I am able to hold myself through big emotions, the more I am able to do the same for my children. I definitely feel more of a spaciousness between myself and my triggers... so I'm more able to respond to my children (and to life!) in the way that I want to.”

Caron GieTeacher, Mom of 2

“During a challenging period in my life, Shannon provided me with invaluable insights and practical tools that allowed me to navigate the situation with clarity and resilience. She never told me what to do, but rather enabled me to become more aware of my thought processes and emotions, and equipped me with the techniques I needed to take control of my emotional responses to my triggers in every day life. I'm constantly recommending Shannon to anyone looking to enhance their emotional wellbeing, this technique is so empowering.”

Melanie DijkhuizenTeacher, Mom of 2

“Shannon has an uncanny ability to ask the kind of questions that can help one to see things in a completely different way, turning habitual thinking patterns inside out and giving you the tools to know yourself that little bit better. She helped me to reveal what was driving my decision making processes, empowering me to know when I am working from a place of fear or insecurity, helping me to know how to reconnect to my purpose.”

Donné PutterArchitect and Designer, Mom of 2

Your investment

I do all my coaching calls over WhatsApp audio. I ask that you find a quiet space with a decent internet connection, so that we can have complete focus during our calls. Headphones, a glass of water and a notepad are recommended for you to have the best experience.

Emotional Foundations

3 x 1 hour sessions, within 6 week period.


Emotional Discovery

6 x 1 hour sessions, within 9 week period.


Emotional Transformation

12 x 1 hour sessions, within 5 month period.


If you aren’t sure which package would be best for you, please book a complimentary call with me so we can discuss your needs.