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What if there’s a brand new Mother and her newborn baby. What if she’s struggling so much and feeling so overwhelmed and needs emotional support. What if the only place she can find that support is out in the world, where other people live and where emotional support comes naturally, through conversations and daily ongoing’s with other human beings, where people find courage to connect based on how they feel in a moment when another person looks into their eyes and makes them feel significant. What if, she got so overwhelmed in that little house of hers thar her mental health took a dive. What if… 

And what if… keeping children indoors without fresh air, socializing or proper education was really really bad for their emotional wellbeing? 

What if… making parents work from home full time and homeschool their kids too wasn’t working out for any parties involved?

What if… it wasn’t “petty” to talk about these things and brush them aside as if they’re non-events? 

What if… everyone should just suck it up and deal to flatten the curve?

What if… flattening the curve didn’t mean that children and their families would have to starve before the virus ever reached them? 

What if… we all just stayed home and watched, and cried, and said how we wished things were different?

What if… we all said nothing and pretended we were mentally okay?

What if… we pretended panic attacks and unhealthy thoughts were not daily occurrences?

What if… our collective voice would be more powerful than the select few calling the shots?

What if… the national lockdown was a mental health crisis and shaped like a loaded gun?

What if… we all put down the gun and took our fingers off the trigger?

What if… a mental health crisis was not the way to solve a health one? 


  • You know I love love love your comments which never need anything else expect perhaps a “Amen preach my sister“ You take the words I was battle to formalize straight from my ❤️ let’s check whether we partner worthy for each other and create some magic ‍♀️

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