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You know that feeling when you get back from an amazing holiday and have absolutely no idea how you’re going to get back into your normal routine again? That’s how I felt after getting back from our trip up the coast to Jeffreys Bay last week. Thankfully I had the long weekend to help me ease back into things, but still, if I could be on holiday forever, I would be.

On Monday morning I walked into my little home office and sat down in front of my iMac. Bleh. Emails. And rain outside. Even more bleh.

I need to do something inspiring today. I need to light up this office. Hello Pinterest. Hello gorgeous blue walls. That was it. Today was paint the wall blue day.

Google: how to paint a wall neatly (so as not to drive boyfriend crazy).

Groundsheet, masking tape, old clothes. And music of course. Alanis Morissette, Jagged little pill is my choice. I was starting to feel the vibe. A few hours later and my office smells like fresh paint and looks like Carrie Bradshaw’s newly painted apartment.

I was now ready to get back into my normal routine. But that would have to wait until tomorrow as Spur’s 2-for-1 Monday night burger special was calling my name. And a glass of red to go with that please. I sat down next to my boyfriend with a big smile on my face, very pleased with myself.

And then… they put on my song:

I started singing into my microphone and being all Alicia Keys. Don’t you just love this song babe? He stared back at me like I had now really lost the plot.

Sometimes all you need is a teeny bit of colour & music to get yourself back on track.

No matter what’s got you down today, only you have the power to lift yourself back up. Paint your nails, wear a bright scarf or just pump up the volume and have a little dance to a favourite song.

Get a little crazy for a minute or two and you’ll see that you have lots to celebrate and be thankful for.

Feeling good is essential to being productive and creative.

How can you include some colour in your life today? (Share your ideas in the comments below).


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