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Why is it that we can’t remember gazing up at our Mother’s face as a baby or young child, yet she can remember gazing down at us?

Perhaps it is designed that way so that we don’t remember all the tears she cried over us.

Becoming a Mother is an ongoing journey of love, delight, guilt, growth, blossoming, learning, unlearning, kindness and letting go. Constantly searching for ways to do it ‘better’, to be better. What if instead of always trying to be better, we listened to our inner voice, not the judgmental voice that you’re used to, the one that keeps telling you to squeeze back into your pre-preggy jeans, the other voice, the kinder one. Do you know it? The one that says “Hey Mama, you’re doing so good, you’re amazing.” When last did you give her a chance?

And people only offered advice when you specifically asked for it, instead of shoving it in your face. What if the world would listen and just hold your sadness, your guilt, your tears, your fears, and then… your happiness? What if it was okay to be sad, and okay to be happy?

Don’t be afraid to cry those tears and tell it like it is. It’s tough. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re not coping. It just means you have a heart. If you don’t experience the dark times, how will you know when you’re stepping into the light again?

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