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We sit in our houses, watching our screens, waiting for the President to speak, as if he has some sort of supernatural power to make this all go away.

This concept of putting 1 human on a pedestal and expecting him to make a difference to our levels of anxiety in a time like this – that’s what’s crazy. What do you expect him to say? Do you expect him to solve this? Nobody can solve this. It is what it is. It’s here to stay. Because we made it this way.

People will get sick. Hospitals will not cope. People will die. It’s just in our face now. It’s here. So what do we do? Wait…. wait… wait for “The President.” Nobody can fix fucked.

We have to accept where we are and go: shit needs to change, on all levels. Different from here on. We will run our businesses differently, look at and think about food differently. Think before we spend… millions of people living in poverty day in and day out, yet here we are, in our fancy houses, not giving a fuck about them. No president is going to fix shit. EVER. He CAN give hope, or create panic. But it’s ultimately up to US to decide how to react.

Humans in general need to be better humans. Treat people with kindness where ever we may go. Change is a process, it won’t happen overnight, but I believe with all my heart that with every day that passes, the world is a better place.

It’s up to every single one of us to make it better. Not the President. 

Image credit: Danielle LaPorte and her beautiful apple experiment.


  • Vicki says:

    So true – thank you for bringing words to my thoughts exactly

  • whitehorse says:

    my thought exactly , we all await on the poor guy to come up with some sort of a solution , while lest its beyond his control ,
    the honest truth is no body has a solution for all this , it came yes, but when its time for it to go, it will but the damage will be already done and it cannot be fixed i just hope will be a lesson learned and a proper system will be put in place to prepare us for something like this in the near future if we live to see it.

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