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Every now and then I receive a newsletter that catches my eye, and the latest MyFonts newsletter was one of them.

It’s an interview with Matthew Carter. He’s the dude that designed Verdana, Georgia and Tahoma – the fonts you more than likely see and use every single day, without really noticing them.

He’s basically a legend in the world of designing typefaces.

The interview is very indepth and tells a story of Matthew’s life from birth to present day. This man absolutely loves, and lives, what he does with every cell in his body. He has designed hundreds of beautiful typefaces, worked with companies like Microsoft, The New York Times and AT&T.

He is now in his mid-seventies and has made more than enough money to be able to retire and live out the rest of his life doing whatever he pleases.

When asked if he has any intention of retiring in the near future, he answers:

To be honest, I don’t have any interest in retiring. I mean, I don’t know what I would do. At 76, I don’t have the same stamina I had forty or fifty years ago – I’m not comfortable working as long hours as I used to. But I’ve never lost any interest in the work. I’m always looking for new kinds of projects. You’re never sure where the next assignment will come from, so when somebody offers me a job, I say: yes, please! And I don’t like the idea of giving up. When you work for yourself, no one tells you to retire. So… my retirement plan is death, haha.

What an awesome outlook. After reading his full interview I thought to myself – that’s how work should be. You should love it so much, that the word ‘retirement’ doesn’t actually fit into your vocabulary. Not because you want to work your life away, but because your work doesn’t feel like a job, it feels like living your life!

We’ve all been told that we should work our asses off while we’re young so that … one day … we can retire and enjoy our lives.

I way prefer Matthew Carter’s version of life.

So how do you accomplish this ‘do what you love’ philosophy in work?

It starts with serving your soul, and doing more of what comes naturally to you.

Ask yourself questions – what are you so so interested that you could just lie around with friends and talk about it all day long, without running out of things to say?

What activities make you feel alive and in love – in love with life?

Do more of that.

Keep your eyes, your ears & most importantly your heart open to the possibilities that lie ahead.

There’s no quick and easy solution, but you do have a choice to start exploring your options. And moving slowly is a hell of a lot better than standing still.

What can you do today to slowly align yourself in the direction of your day dreams?

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