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1 year ago today I found out Woolworths had copied my carrier

The amount of anxiety, anger and rage I was feeling on that day is really quite indescribable. I had no idea how I would turn the situation around and make it work in my favour, but I also knew there was a way and that this was an opportunity to do good.

I have no idea why I have had such anxiety leading up to today, the 1 year anniversary. I don’t even know why I saved this date in my calendar. But I do know  that in one year I have learnt a huge amount about business, people, how things are generally done and how things can rather be done.

I could sit here and type pages about the boring but essential business stuff I’ve learnt this year, things that might sound mundane to most business owners who have been in this game for years, but things that young aspiring entrepreneurs have no fkn idea about, because school doesn’t teach you any of it, but that would just be boring. So instead I’ll tell you about the lessons I’ve learnt. 

  1. You can handle much more stress than you think you can. 
  2. You really need to be your own biggest supporter if you hope to get anywhere in life, because there will come a time where every single person around you will disagree and you will know in your heart that it’s the right move. Go there and do that.
  3. Realize that everything is always, 100% as it should be. Always. The lessons and reasons are only shown to you afterwards.
  4. Not everyone (actually almost no-one) will see things from your perspective. Know when a fight is worth fighting or letting go. 
  5. Don’t be greedy, it backfires.
  6. Opportunists are everywhere, and it takes some practice to spot them, but with practice comes wisdom so don’t be afraid to explore. 
  7. Stay tuned in to yourself and what you want out of life, and let that guide your business journey. They have to match.
  8. Trust your intuition and stop asking for permission, just do it.
  9. Lawyering up is fkn awesome. Do your homework and understand how to protect yourself. 
  10. In times of heavy stress – let the hell go. Don’t push til you break. That’s good for nobody.

I’m incredibly grateful for this experience. It has of course helped to leverage our business to a new level and put me in touch with so many kind, generous and amazing human beings. I have immense gratitude for every phone call, engagement, interaction and friendship I have had because of this experience. You really can only connect the dots backwards.

Here’s to the crazy year that was 2019.


  • L says:

    Indeed I can imagine it must’ve been crazy and that this date probably marks a period of time you now look back on with wisdom but the you back then had no idea what was to come.

    Thanks for the lessons. Will take them as far as possible :D. It’s my second month in business (fulltime). Taking all the lessons and wisdom I possibly can.

    Here’s to a great 2020 >>>

  • Marilyn says:

    All the best for 2020. You are a strong lady!

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