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I’m so happy to say that I have self-published my first children’s book. After my mushroom journey I was so inspired to share what I had learnt in the mushroom world, and after much reflection I realised that the message behind it all, was actually something that could be turned into a cute little storybook.

I wrote Conversation With a Star with both children and parents in mind. Story time before bed is such a great opportunity to wind down with our kids and give them some special one-on-one time before they dose off for the night, and for us parents too. It makes it that much better if the words we are reading resonate with us when we’re reading them.

This book provides little reminders of what life is really all about, in and amongst all the chaos that surrounds us daily.

“Conversation With a Star follows a child’s natural curiosity far into outer space yet brings the message, all the way back to home — and straight to the heart, that any child who gazes upon a star has inherent and unmatchable value and always has a place where they truly belong.”

– Natalie Christensen and Nathan M McTague, The Center for Emotional Education

Here’s a sneak peek into the book below, and if you’d like to buy a copy, please visit – it’s the perfect gift for any little people in your life and I’d love to know what you think.

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