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This year seems to have gone a lot faster than others. Time is racing and it’s not just because I’m getting older, everyone can feel it.

Here are some of my thoughts on 2018:

  1. When you’ve got a lot on your plate, don’t just push through and sleep less and do more. A tired stressed-out mind doesn’t have anything left to give. Rather leave it, get some rest, look after your body and return to your work with a fresh mind once you’re rested. You’ll almost always get better results.
  2. One year without much exercise will make a massive difference to your fitness levels, and your cellulite levels. Not cool. Even if it’s just a 5km walk 3 times a week, it’s better than nothing.
  3. Work should be enjoyable. You should want to get up in the morning. If you don’t, something is wrong, figure out what it is and change it.
  4. When things go totally wrong, there is no point fighting it. Sure you can have your feelings about it, be angry, be upset and frustrated, but don’t spend too much time wondering why it happened and feeling sorry for yourself, rather accept it and find a way forward. There is always a way forward and if you’re in a negative head space you may miss an positive opportunity that arises from the dust, because you’re too busy wallowing in misery. Sometimes bad things can turn out to be good.
  5. The world is in a really strange time in history. So much is uncertain. So many countries feel unsafe. I feel grateful to live in South Africa, despite what people say about it. I feel like we can really live a good life here, and make a difference to helping others less fortunate around us. It can be hard to stay positive but your attitude is determined by the lense through which you view your world.
  6. On that note, stop watching the news so much. What a load of curated shit. If anything news worthy happens, it will trend on Twitter and you won’t be an ignorant fool, you’ll be a happier, more positive, less anxious person without the news skewing your perspective.
  7. On that note, anxiety can really cloud up your life. Meditation is so useful, and doesn’t mean being weird and hippy. A few minutes a day, just spent sitting in silence, breathing and listening, can calm your nervous system and help you feel so much more grounded. YouTube has many short meditations, just search and find one that works for you.
  8. Babies become kids so quickly. Really I can’t believe my son is 4. I may not be able to spend as much time with him as I would like, but I know that being present in those moments is so important, because they’ll be gone so quickly. He’s already his own person, it’s beautiful to watch, but also challenging as fuck.

2018, you were a real teacher. Thank you for making it tough but also rewarding! Here’s to 2019 and living more of a slow life, which let’s be honest is pretty damn easy to do in Cape Town!

Cheers! xx

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