What Joey taught me about being an entrepreneur

There are so many entrepreneurial lessons to be learned along this journey. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn many of them from other entrepreneurs who have shared their journeys, through books I’ve read and people I’ve been exposed to and then of course, having the experience of learning some of these lessons myself.

But I learned a new lesson last night at the event, and it was one from Joey Evans. You know they say that as an entrepreneur you should be “working on your business, not in your business” and this is something I’ve been striving to do forever…. but alas.

I’m starting to think that I actually don’t believe in this ideology anymore because are you living in 2019? Can you even with this year? Shit is fkd up out there and you cannot just work on your business anymore, especially during the first 3 years. You have to do both to make it work. 

Joey’s story is insane, like… he is 100% not your average human. He is a light worker if I ever met one, he knows how to manifest. I won’t share the details of his story because that will spoil his book that you have to read.

But one thing he taught me is that if he had decided to just ride bikes and not understand the intricate workings of how a bike functions, then there is no way that he would have achieved his life long goal.

You cannot be a pro surfer and not understand the intimate mechanics of surfboard shaping. You cannot be a pro anything without first understanding and getting your hands dirty from the ground up. Or maybe you can, but when you hit those dips and the going gets tough, and you’re all alone in the dark with nobody but yourself to count on… then what?

Thank you Joey, now I don’t feel so guilty for still working “in” my business, because that’s the only way I’m going to be able to ever work “on” it.

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