How to influence your customers purchasing decision & make more sales

Note: some people get uncomfortable with the idea of being able to influence their customers thought patterns by implementing ‘sales tactics’. I get it… it can feel icky – but when you’re selling a product that you truly believe in, there is no need to feel guilty about doing the best job you can possibly do to get your product into the hands of the people that need it most.

“What would you like for breakfast Leo?” I ask my 4 year old. “Nothing!” or “Anything!” He will answer – by the way anything also means nothing… but if I play a little game like “how about avo toast or yoghurt?” Aha…. my trickery has him and he jumps from “do I want breakfast?” to “which one is better?” 

I’ve found this to be true for almost all humans, no matter their age, and it’s especially useful when creating your online shop, or trying to trigger an action from an online customer. 

You want someone to purchase your product that they’re thinking about purchasing – so you offer them a choice at the ‘add to cart’ point – which is “do I want this or don’t I want this?” But by intercepting that thought pattern and adding in another choice at the same point – eg: “what colour would you like?” then you move their thought from “do I want this or don’t I want this?” to “which colour is my favourite?”

In general, people are overwhelmed by the mass of decisions they need to make on a daily basis, make it easier for your customers by providing a choice, instead of a jump or stay option. 

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