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NeuroEmotional Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to leverage your unique brain chemistry, develop a clearer business vision and enhance your chances for success.

What they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship is that achieving what you want to achieve, no matter how much passion and drive you have, will have an enormous amount to do with your personal growth journey.

Entrepreneurship is personal growth. There is no other career choice that will underscore the saying “your outer world is a reflection of your inner world” more clearly. If you want to succeed on the outside, the inside must come first, because entrepreneurship is all about self-worth, confidence, consistency and intuition.

How will working with a NeuroEmotional Coach benefit me as an entrepreneur and what would our sessions together look like?

Almost every entrepreneur has hurdles to face along the way. As your NeuroEmotional coach I will hold the space for you to unpack it all. I will listen deeply. You’ll have full permission to do some deep storytelling and / or healthy complaining about the challenges you face. I will be so curious about all the details to help me understand your entrepreneurial journey better.

I will guide you through a process, working with your brain chemistry, and together we’ll dive deeper into your experiences and help you gain clarity where you need it most. Not only will you get to explore your own inner world in a safe and supported way, learning more about yourself and the challenges you’re facing as you go, you’ll also learn strategies to help you cope better in your day-to-day life (business and personal), while learning the basics of NeuroEmotional brain science in the process.

The benefits are two-fold, in a sense that you’re doing it to help yourself in relation to your entrepreneurial journey, but the ripple effect is that you’ll start to engage with your clients and the whole world around you from a more neuro-emotionally informed space. And the benefit of that, is that you’ll learn how to work with your own brain chemistry, as well as everyone else’s to maximise output, spend less time in ‘stress-mode’ and more time in ‘high-productivity mode’ but from a more grounded and embodied space.

By marrying NeuroEmotional coaching with my 20 years of entrepreneurial knowledge, I’m able to offer a unique coaching experience to the entrepreneurs that I work with.

Feedback from some of the lovely people I've worked with:

“I immediately felt understood and supported under Shannon's guidance. She skilfully guided me to identify the patterns in my thinking that kept me in a state of fear and uncertainty, causing me to feel paralysed. Through her techniques, I've gained clarity and learned to reconnect with my body and emotions, finding a sense of security during moments of feeling stuck. This transformation has been truly life-changing for me and I now use these tools daily.”

Chantal MorganRelationship Coach

“Shannon has an uncanny ability to ask the kind of questions that can help one to see things in a completely different way, turning habitual thinking patterns inside out and giving you the tools to know yourself that little bit better. She helped me to reveal what was driving my decision making processes, empowering me to know when I am working from a place of fear or insecurity, helping me to know how to reconnect to my purpose.”

Donné PutterArchitect and Designer

“Working with Shannon has been a game-changer for me. Her sessions are refreshingly practical and don't leave you with a to-do list. Instead, you get guidance that bring a sense of calm and a profound feeling of not being alone on your self-awareness journey. I can confidently say that integrating NeuroEmotional aspects into my daily life has been an amazing investment.”

Anna WolfSinger and Songwriter

“These brains of ours are so complicated, yet so simple. I find myself reflecting on my thoughts after a session with Shannon, and being so aware of the different brain states I’m moving through. This work is highly undervalued. Having the ability to unpack my own emotions has been interesting - instead of constantly judging myself, I find that I’m a lot more accepting with where I’m at, and that’s allowed me to carve a clear path moving forward.”

Joel KaplanFounder and Entrepreneur

Your investment

I do all my coaching calls over WhatsApp audio. I ask that you find a quiet space with a decent internet connection, so that we can have complete focus during our calls. Headphones, a glass of water and a notepad are recommended for you to have the best experience.

Business Clarity Starter

3 x 1 hour sessions


Business Clarity Pro

6 x 1 hour sessions


Business Clarity Intensive

6 x 2 hour sessions


If you aren’t sure which package would be best for you, please book a complimentary call with me so we can discuss your needs.