12(+1) steps to building a sustainable business in 2020

  1. Create an essential product / service.
  2. Calculate correct costing in relation to size / type of business you want to build. How many staff needed to acquire targets, etc?
  3. E-commerce shop (with free delivery if physical item – cost it into your business model – it’s just a psychology thing).
  4. Meet audience where they are online – dominate on their most used social media channel.
  5. No middle man between you and customer.
  6. Treat each customer as if they are the only one.
  7. Hire staff based on whether you’d hang out in real life: if you would – hire, if not – don’t. Almost anything can be learnt / taught.
  8. Staff should only do work they find joy in doing.
  9. While doing all of this, slowly build a beautiful and consistent brand with strong values and ethics.
  10. Market based on how people will feel when they experience your product VS how great your product features are. 
  11. Once your business is profitable, start a “giving back” initiative. 
  12. Do things the way you feel they should be done and what makes sense for your lifestyle, your business, your staff, not based on the way things have always been done.

And the +1…

Have the most fun each day, look people in the eyes, listen, smile, connect. It’s all the days together that make up a happy life.

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